Raven scar Games is a one-person company wishing to grow just a little. I make video games and mods for a hobby, and I may or may not turn it into a business. My favorite thing is to share what I have made for the world to enjoy. I don't like it when people keep things to themselves. My happiness is the happiness of other people. and I am always on the look out for people, whether it's a friend or a stranger.

     My personal goal is to be a good video game designer, I am semi-skilled in 3d Modeling in Blender, and I am an expert with texture images. I hope to bring this media into a game for this site and beyond.

     These mods and games will be absolutely FREE. With the exception of special Raven scar game add-ons, such as special currency, customized characters, and temporary power ups. Mods will always be free, and anyone can contribute to Raven Scar with ideas.

Thanks for taking a look at this page. Have fun!